Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The Seven Deadly Habits of Truly Miserable People

Punishing, Complaining, Blaming, Threatening, Nagging, Criticising, Bribing!!!!!

Do these things and you will make everyone around you nuts! Dr. William Glasser believes that most of the emotional turmoil we experience is directly caused by our use of these seven deadly habits. We seem to have our wiring crossed. We spend half our lives trying to control the people and the institutions which fill our lives and it is sick! As we try harder to control those around us they quite naturally become resistant and resentful and soon our relationships are broken and disappointing. Although Glasser's theory (Choice Theory) seems quite simple it has worked well in therapy with thousands of people. Diagnosis and labelling (DSM-IV) are seen as damaging hostile tools that only hurt our relationships further. Instead Glasser says we simply need to replace the seven deadly habits with the seven habits of truly caring people.

Supporting, Encouraging, Listening, Accepting, Trusting, Respecting and Negotiating Differences!!!

If you work and live with these habits most of your problems will disappear. Try googleing the Glasser Institute to find out more. Peace. TJS.

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